350-400 serious train accidents occur each year around the world – accidents that can have devastating consequences for people and society. Roger Danielsson and his team at GREEN BUFFERS AB have created an innovative, patented, and award-winning safety solution for trains that saves lives and creates sustainable travel.

Green Buffers –a newly developed generation of mechanical buffers that absorb and distribute impact energy in a new way in collisions between trains or when trains have mechanical problems related to rail faults. This provides safer train journeys for passengers and provides a cost effective solution for train operators. Using small and easy measures, it can be installed in both new and existing trains. A unique and world-leading innovation that saves many lives.


Safe travel is a right for all passengers and industry partners are constantly looking for solutions for a safer travel environment. Green Buffers offers a completely new generation of crash buffers that saves lives and significantly reduces vehicle damage. In the event of a collision, the force is distributed throughout the train set and the coaches remain on the rails, with minimal need for repair or possibly total loss a result. The innovation is a patented and award-winning solution to problems related to existing collision management solutions.


Train travel is already considered a green means of transport, but further efforts need to be made to become more sustainable and to reach the “NetZero goal” before the year 2050. Green Buffers captures the impact energy in a collision and afterwards, the mechanical components that have been affected can easily be dismantled and sent for recycling through our unique marking system. Through a fully digitized process, Green Buffers has full traceability throughout the entire supply chain – from raw material, to product configuration, to installation before and after a crash. The buffer system is made of STRENX®, high strength steel. This makes the product lighter and stronger, affecting the weight of the entire train set.


Green Buffers means smart technology for safer train journeys for passengers as well as reduced cost of ownership for train operators, with trains staying on track and having a minimum of workshop time after a collision. Integrated condition monitoring provides full control over individual status and streamlines the process management system.

Green Buffers is an independent solution for everyone in the event of a crash


As an independent subcontractor and partner, Green Buffers can work with all global players in the industry to make train travel safer and more sustainable. Green Buffers is involved in challenging and redefining the standard for crash safety in the train industry. The innovation has been designed based on different collision speeds and meets significantly tougher requirements than today’s requirements for collisions, which specifies only one speed; 36 km/h.

Green Buffers’ solution is easy to implement and all industry parties are supported all the way to the future through a unique and world-leading innovation that saves many lives.

The train on the left illustrates the consequences after a crash at a speed lower than 36 km/h with traditional technology. The train on the right illustrates the corresponding train equipped with Green Buffers. This train is still on the tracks; STAY ON TRACK

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