about us

RXD – Research eXchange Development AB is the Swedish based company behind the versatile Core Team of the subsidiary Green Buffers AB. We have more than 30 years of genuine experience in sales, R&D and supply chains in the railway and other industries.

With us as a Partner, you will never be alone. From your first contact with Green Buffers and throughout a lifelong relationship, we will stand together towards improving Safety, Sustainability and Digitalization within train travel.

“A great insight into how we manage the challenges that people and projects face due to industrial realities is that our mind-set is always centered around a passion for the unknown”

Roger Danielsson, Founder & CEO


In 2021 our company became the national winner of SKAPA in recognition of our development of Green Buffers. SKAPA was founded in memory of the inventor Alfred Nobel and is the greatest innovation award in Sweden. This award is a great milestone for our company.


Our goal is clear: We aim for zero uncontrolled derailments related to accidents. By developing new solutions from modern materials, digital processes and circular applications, we hope that our new product Green Buffers can inspire other business areas to do the same journey.