New generation technology

Based on the laws of nature – developed for a sustainable future

Together – through small but effective measures – we can radically upgrade on board safety. The patented passive safety system can easily be fitted to new trains as well as to existing ones.

Many of today’s uncontrolled collisions and derailments are as a consequence of too stiff coupling links between the carriages. In a collision the coupling links cannot manage the dynamic energy in time. Consequently, the front and the first following coaches absorb almost all the energy. The rest of the train coaches are derailed, leading to uncontrolled and unnecessary structural damage.

Green Buffers offers a unique solution – the ability to get all the buffers working together in short time, to dissipate the energy from a collision. The patented solution optimizes the energy distribution throughout the entire train set with all the energy absorbers efficiently working together. This leads to a more controlled structural deformation, a train much more likely to stay on the track and increased passenger safety.

how it works

Green Buffers’ product is an energy dissipation system that, in the case of a crash, is designed to consume the energy of a force that is being applied to an object. It absorbs energy from the collision using lightweight high strength steel profiles that dissipate the energy throughout the train set. They are located in the coupling interfaces between each individual railway vehicle and are integrated into either train connections or side buffers.

All the train buffers are gradually incorporated; step by step, force vs. stroke, so that all buffers are involved simultaneously and for a longer working time. The kinetic energy is thus distributed in a controlled manner throughout the train. The damage outcome for the whole train will be minimized, since the buffers absorb all the kinetic energy, as intended.

energy dissipation

Green Buffers’ energy dissipation system permits maximal employment of the potential stroke length, resulting in energy absorption by all intermediate devices in a series of connected coaches. All this happens in less than a second.

The system requires few machining operations and permits reuse of components that are unaffected after dissipation of the impact energy.

Individual characteristics are the new normal

Green Buffers supports and simplifies its development for all players in the industry.

Easy design configuration of the buffer system for optimal safety performance, independent of speed and train configuration.

By averting the initial peak force and minimizing all other peak forces, an energy balance is obtained at all the coach interfaces and under different collision speeds.

At each interface information can be obtained on force vs. time, compression strokes and energy absorption.  

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